FAQ - Consignments

...how does it all work?

Looking for a Gown?


Q.  How many dresses do you have in stock?

      A.  We typically maintain an inventory of at least 500 dresses!

Q.  Which brands and sizes do you carry? 

      A.  Because we are a consignment boutique, we never know what brands we will have at                   any given time, but we are continually showing plenty of current brand name designers!               Sizes range from 0 to 26.

Q.  Can I really save money by getting a dress at your boutique?

      A.  Absolutely!!  If you can find a gown that just about fits, you save not only on the price of              the dress, but the alterations as well!

Q.  Do you sell prom dresses? 

      A.  Not at this time.  The season is very short, the styles change too quickly, and we prefer                our wedding niche!

Selling your Gown?


Q.  What types of garments do you accept at your boutique? 

     A.  Because we deal exclusively with weddings, we only accept Wedding Gowns, Mother’s                dresses, Bridesmaids dresses (in sets of three or more from the same party) and Flower                girl dresses at this time.

Q.  Are you particular about the styles that you accept?  My dress is over 10 years old. 

     A.  We keep our inventory current and up-to-date, however, we won't rule a dress out                         because of it’s age. If you are unsure, you can always email us a photo prior to visiting.

Q.  Can I just stop in with my items or do I need an appointment to consign?

     A.  Please give us a call to set up an appointment, as that is the only way we can accept your             items.

Q  .Do you take only used garments? What if I have a brand new gown? 

     A.  We can help you!  We accept both new and used gowns for resale.

Q.  Do I have to clean my gown before I bring it to you? 

     A.  It is not a requirement, however, look at this from the eyes of a prospective purchaser:                would YOU buy your gown as is?  If you think the red wine stain down the front makes                you leery, figure the same will hold true for the next bride.  If there is dirt on the hemline            and nothing else, we recommend not cleaning the gown.  We are happy to discuss this                  further with you when you are here with your gown.

Q.How do you price the gown I bring in?  Do I need my receipt? 

     A.  Gowns are priced at half of what you paid, and no receipt is necessary.  You probably                     remember what you spent! 

Q.  How does the consignment process work?  Do you buy dresses outright? 

     A.  We do not buy your dress from you, it goes on our sales floor a minimum of 3 months,                   and up to 6 months.  We price it according to it’s value and condition, and as owner of                   the  gown, you receive 70% of the selling price once the item sells.