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FAQ about Paper and Etiquette



Q.  Do I have to come in to your boutique to see your selection, or can you mail me something?          A.  Our product lines are provided to us in large binders which you can view at our store.  In addition, you can click on the links throughout this website to see our online selections.

Q.  When should I come see you to start this process?                                                            A.  You need to allow time for proofing, addressing, mailing, and printing.  We                     recommend 8 - 12 weeks before the event.  However, each event is different.  Call us and we can give you our suggested time table.

Q.  Once I place an order, how long before the invitations come in?                               A.  Generally speaking, orders arrive within two weeks of placing the order.  If you need to see a proof of your order, that adds a few more days to the process.

Q.  What if something gets printed incorrectly?                                                                          A.  You would in all likelihood never see a mistake!  If your order comes in with a mistake, we make changes immediately and wait to call you once your PERFECT order arrives!  If we miss something, we take care of it!

Q.  Do you require a deposit?                                                                                                        A. Yes, a deposit of half the order total is due at the time the order is placed.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?                                                                                 A.  Currently we accept only checks and cash.  We do not have a credit card processing machine, and this is done to save YOU money!

Q.  I have a unique situation I'm not sure how to word my invitation.  Can you help?       A.  We most certainly can!  With over 40 years experience in this business, we can offer you many wording suggestions.  Our knowledge and expertise will help you come up with the perfect layout for your event!

Q.  Do I need to make an appointment to see you?                                                                  A.  Yes and no!  If you are looking for invitations or a gown, please come in during our regular store hours - no appointment necessary. If our regular weekday hours don’t fit your schedule, give us a call and we will find you an evening or a Saturday appointment.

Q.  Do I have to mail out a Save-the-Date card?                                                                        A.  Only if you want to - it is not a requirement!  We do, however, suggest a Save the Date if you are planning an event where half or more of your guests will be traveling a distance and will need accommodations.  The STD is a great way to give your guests this information early enough to make arrangements.

Q.  So what is the difference between thermography, engraving and letterpress?                A.  In a nutshell.... the printing method!  Engraving is one of the earliest forms of typesetting for Wedding Invitations and Social Stationery.  A copper plate is created of your wording, the plate is pressed into the paper to raise the letters, and then ink is applied.  Letterpress is the opposite:  the words are pressed down into the softer letterpress paper and then ink is applied to the indentation in the paper.  Thermography was created to give the look of the raised engraved method, but without the higher price tag.  Using a heat process and ink powders, you get the raised print at a much more reasonable price.  All of these methods are utilized in every aspect of social printing, but thermography is the most popular and affordable. 

Q.  Do you handle Business Stationery?                                                                                        A.Yes!  We carry the Navitor line of commercial products and promotional items, and can help you and your business with Business Cards, Letterhead, personalized portfolios,  whatever printed items your company desires.  See our Business Papers page for details.


Did you find these questions and answers helpful?  If so, please let us know! And, if you have a question that does not appear here, please email us so we can help you with your situation.

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